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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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how will it impact our region and any holiday weekend travel plans? >> mexico you know that will work with us i really believe it. >> a storm of another kind on the campaign trail questions surrounding what exactly went down during donald trump's metering with mexico's president as the two have very different versions of the encounter. >> and caught on camera a convenience store clerk attacked with a hammer and police now need your help tracking down these suspects. >> good thursday morning, to i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. let's get right to the latest on tropical storm hermine and how it could impact your holiday travel plans many people in florida bracing for the storm headed toward that state right now. you saw a lot of it during the redskins game. it could be upgraded to a hurricane. governor rick scott says it's been awhile since the state has seen a hurricane and is warning people to be ready. >> two storms moving towards hawaii. the national weather service downgraded madeline from a hurricane to a tropical storm but that isn't stopping folks on the big island from being
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hurricane lester about a thousand miles from hawaiian islands is expected to be downgraded as well. a little good news. >> good news there. as our president is in hawaii right now. tucker barnes is with us here in the studio with a look at what's happening in storm watch. tuck. >> wow. steve we got lots going on. let's -- i want to quickly touch on local weather. we got rain showers. if you're headed out the door this morning be prepared for rain showers. 76 degrees now in washington. humidity 85 percent. winds out of the north and east at nine. there's you were rain shower activity and again it will be impacting our morning rush hour so just keep that in mind as we get into the afternoon hours. this is a cooler and drier air working in. this is great news that we're finally going get a little relief from all the heat and humidity we've had around here for the last couple days. there's hermine. latest guidance giving it 60 miles per hour winds expected as steve mentioned to intensify perhaps into a minimal hurricane when it makes landfall sometime tonight across the northern tier of florida. and then it's all about the track and the reason we're so focused on it is we're concerned
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remnants of this storm system will get awfully close to our region by this weekend and will impact certainly it looks like i guarantee it's going to impact our beach areas and how much rain we get here locally still a question mark. there you go. 60 miles per hour winds. pressure 996 millibars it's moving off to the north-northeast at about 12. all right. so overnight since you went to bed last night this is a big change. the guidance that came in overnight trying to push the storm a little further to the south and east. and if the storm system stays a little further south and east that would mean lesser impact for us locally. we might just have clouds for the day on saturday sunday. i still think we're going to get some rain here in washington but there's going to be a very tight gradient between not a whole lot of rain and a deluge. still unfortunately looks like at the beaches we are guaranteed some very heavy rain, high surf, breezy conditions and unfortunately the potential that this storm system stalls out for days and days and will kind of just beat on the beaches with high surf and continued rain down there.
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are we looking a the potentially? potentially five plus inches of rain down at the beaches this weekend so it's any other going to be a great weekend at the beaches. however, if this storm stays a little further east, we may salvage decent weekend in the immediate washington area. we have to stay tuned to the track. how much rain? up to 10-inches. already having flooding issues in florida. that tight gradient as we get into our weekend this will likely shift but you can see the worst will be down at the beaches. plenty more on our forecast. we'll talk local weather, we'll talk weekend coming up in just a couple minutes guys. back to you. >> 7:03 tucker i'll take it from here but we're dealing with big problems on the roads. you have the rain moving in and we have a lot of congestion. right now you're taking a look from skyfox as they zoom in right there. this is 450 in prince george's county. working on getting a tree cleared that fell. single car accident earlier this morning 450 remains shut down between racetrack road and crane highway. you'll need to detour around that one as you can see a very large tree that they're trying to move out of the way.
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now. 66 on the eastbound side quite a big accident scene in the process of clearing blocking the right shoulder. the right lane has reopened but as you can see traffic really heavy at 28. now this was already in a delay because of congestion. wet roads out there. you're basically parked from manassas all the way through centreville. 234 to centreville. you into need a good 45 extra minutes. lost rain in frederick. heavy traffic by the truck scales. you jam again 118 to the spur. look at that. heavy, heavy flow of traffic. average speeds under 20 miles per hour. you need a good 30 extra minutes also to get from frederick down to the spur. you jam up past the spur on the beltway as well. outer loop jams 95 over to georgia. let's switch it over from that crowded camera and show you a look at our maps. other delays around the area you need to be aware of. crash activity in northwest. tilden street at beach drive causing delays. freeway backs up in both directions by the third street tunnel new york avenue by bladensburg slow. pennsylvania avenue inbound at branch of of a crash that's
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causing big delays on pennsylvania. suitland parkway jams to south capitol. very heavy traffic by alabama and you can also see 295 southbound jams from 50 on past east capitol. we got you covered this morning. keep in mind metro is moving once again on the orange blue and silver out by smithsonian. earlier shuttle buses kind of caused residual delays so watch for that. steve. >> one more metro note this morning. if you're using the rhode island metro station it is opened. there was question overnight whether it would be but it did open at 5:00 a.m. on time. last night debris had fallen from the ceiling into the mezzanine area. station was closed. crews worked overnight. no injuries reported and again the station opened this morning. so did the gamble pay off? donald trump met with the president of mexico yesterday. finally delivered his address on immigration reform. >> this just as new polls show the race is tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton. maureen is here to bring this political chess match into focus. >> can we really do that. >> no. >> i'm going to do my best.
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numbers. new fox news poll show that when you factor in third party candidates this down to a two-point race nationally. even looking at trump versus clinton the numbers have tightened but that's before you factor in what happened yesterday. donald trump taking the stage in phoenix to talk immigration. serving up the kind of red meat that first put him on the path to the gop nomination. >> will he will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> that hard line book ended a a day that began with meeting between trump and mexican president enrique peña nieto. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: we might disagree on certain issues but your president here mr. donald trump shows that we do have
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>> we are united by our support for democracy, a great love for our people and a contributions of millions of mexican americans to the united states. >> trump's campaign no doubt hoping to benefit from the optics here with trump appearing presidential on a world stage. while trump tried to clarify his immigration policy in arizona left unanswered was what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants who haven't committed other crimes. hillary clinton meantime trying to win over veterans in ohio attacked trump over his visit to mexico. >> and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again, that is not how it works. >> now about that wall. well, this morning lots of people want to know if trump and pena nieto discussed it. trump said they didn't discuss who would pay f
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pena nieto said mexico was not piing up the grab new developments for anthony weiner. child welfare officials are investigating him after his latest lewd selfie showed his young son in bed flex to him when he took that picture. agency protocol requires a home visit within 48 hours and officials showed up at his home the apartment he shares with his estranged wife on tuesday a worker there confirmed. >> developing in brazil protestors taking to the streets after the country's president is impeached. thousands gathered in rio last night demonstrating against new president he replaces ousted president. she's accused of breaking laws in her management of the federal budget. >> happening right now d.c. police searching for several suspects involved in several differing crimes including this armed robbery. it happened about two weeks ago on pennsylvania avenue a block from eastern market metro. three suspects approached a driver. one pulled out a gun to scare him away and then all t
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get in that car and drive off. police are hoping someone will recognize the suspects and call police. >> the other crime caught on camera a dramatic attack with a hammer at a local 7-eleven. >> d.c. police asking for help tracking down the people responsible. anjali hemphill with more on how you can help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning guys. surveillance cameras at this 7-eleven behind me on cedar street in upper northwest near the tacoma metro station they were rolling as two suspects ended the store zone night right around 10 o'clock and tried to commit a armed robbery using a hammer. i want to get to that surveillance video that was released because those images are rather clear and d.c. police are hoping someone might recognize those suspects and that could lead them to an arrest. in the video you can see the two suspects both a young man and woman in the video he. police say they tried to take cigarettes from behind the counter of the 7-eleven and that's when the two employees that were working tried to stop them. you see a struggle start to ensue and then you see the
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woman suspect in the video pick up what appears to be a a -- hammer and tries to hit one of the employees. that employee was seen trying to hold her and that male suspect back. those suspects did get away with the cigarettes. they are on the run. police are hoping anyone might recognize them from that video. if you do you're urged to call d.c. police. you can also text them at 50411. you can of course receive a reward if your information leads to an arrest. we're live in upper northwest this morning, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> a pregnant montgomery county woman recovering this morning after she was stabbed near albert einstein high school along a trail at pleasant view park. police say the victim in the at -- and the attacker did know each other. she and her unborn baby are in critical but stable condition. no word on a motive for this attack. >> well, you spoke up. d.c. is listening after complaints about a dangerous speed trap. the city is moving it. but is the new location really any better than where it was before. >> coming up later a surprising new study on marijuana use.
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which age group seems to be using it more f
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e. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." >> skyfox over what's happening right now in bowie actually. a tree fell down and look at that on top of power lines on top of a car. not a good scene in any way. this is bet
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and crain highway. some problems down way yesterday too. no way to tell if that's from saturated ground or what may have caused that. we'll check in with tuck intera minute. some rain did go through the area last night and this morning. parts of florida getting battered even though tropical storm hermine has not yet made landfall. here's a look at gulf porter are res -- gulf port where residents are dealing with rain already. >> take a look at how it looks from outer space. is that impressive. >> that's definitely not hermine. >> nasa releasing images of three tropical storms drawing brewing right now. >> that might be near hawaii. >> or big one in the midatlantic. >> yeah, that might be, , who is our friend out in the midatlantic. >> gaston. >> gaston. >> i was going say gustav. gast
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>> i can tell from the eye that is gaston. >> impressive. good thing that one stayed out to sea. what about here tuck. >> we're focused on her minute it will be the remnants by the time it gets to our region this weekend but it could be a big player on our fork. after a hot august we're ready for a beautiful labeled weekend. >> not going to have it. >> yeah. really depends were you're watching from. if you're in the mountains you might salvage a pretty nice weekend. the beaches not so much. it's all about the track of this storm. it has been wobbling back and forth for the last 24 hours. overnight it took a track further to the east which would be good news for everybody. it looks like the worst of the storm will be the -- to the south and east of the center of hermine. i just want to lay this out there. if you're headed to the beaches it's not going to be a great weekend. will i surf rain potentially five plus inches of rain down at the beaches and rip tides and days and days of gray down there unfortunately. it will ling will it linger off the coast? we don't know the answer. there are indications o
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pressure to o our north it's going the kind of get stuck in the atmosphere. there's the latest. still bringing some very heavy rain convective bands of are a town northern florida. will it make landfall later tonight. still expected to be perhaps a category one hurricane when it makes landfall but it's a little bit along now. i don't think the impact in florida will be greatest as with a three, four or five hurricane. i want to focus on our weather very quickly. we're looking at rain showers moving through our area. cooler and drier air moving n here's the latest with hermine. notice the track is a little further to the south and east than it was last night if you were watching with sue at 11:00 and that would be great news for us. that might mean we just have gray conditions around here saturday and sunday. we'll still likely get some rain but it may not be a deluge. i can't promise the same at the beaches as it still looks like it's going to be pretty awful. >> we were looking at like 6-inches of rain right. >> we were looking at potentially perhaps flooding rain even in washington. right now it's a little further east so maybe we'll
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overnight rains on saturday. >> okay. >> that track is still wobbling. >> this is why we have a three day weekend so maybe by the third day of the weekend. >> i guarantee tomorrow is going tribute full. >> speak for yourself sir. >> i'm talking about -- >> erin como good morning. >> good morning. >> are you here monday? >> i'm here. >> i'll be with you. >> yay! we can celebrate labor day together. steve is off. >> it's my birthday. >> yeah. we have to have a birthday party for tucktory. right now skyfox over 450. this is out in prince george's county. large tree down. single car crash. car into a tree. this is out between racetrack road and crane highway. you can see the car actually fell -- excuse me the tree fell completely onto that vehicle the hood so they need to get that scene cleared. detour around. it watch for high standing water. practice turn around don't drown. want to show you a lot of our bridges as you head into the district because we're dealing with a lot of slow moving traffic. right now you are jam packed across the 14th street bridge as you come from 395 and
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parkway southbound you're going to hit that slow traffic. same story from rosslyn to georgetown on the key bridge. you can see the light rain out there. that's not adding to the congestion. it's just not creating good driving conditions. inner loop right now from 414 to the wilson bridge very jammed up with heavy volume. no crashes. and then in the district you can see us a make your way out on the westbound side of the freeway traffic looking good but the eastbound side is very much backed up by the third street tunnel. we got you covered this morning. 270 southbound very blocked up towards the scar. eastbound a parking 32 lot through centreville. leave early. it's a morning to use caution. steve and allison. >> d.c. officials went and moved a speed camera to a new location after they got a bunch of complaints about safety concerns from drivers. earlier this week aaa pointed out the potential dangers of this camera on 295 north by blue planes. it was in the middle of a service road in a truck inspection area and people complained that the camera posed a safety hazard to drivers. you can see it right there on the side of the road. this morning aaa reports that camera is not there anymore. they
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location about a hundred yards away. however aaa says that new location is also hazardous. >> if you're a parent looking for a new car you're going to wander to write this down. new ranking from the insurance industry show that the audi q7, the lexus rx and toyota prius have the easest to use anchors for child seats. those cars scored lie because they have seats that are easy to maneuver and they don't require much force to snap the seat in. the ford fiesta, the chevy silverado and the infiniti q70 were some of the worst performers on the list. >> could coffee go extinct? dare we bring up this topic. warnings that climate change to put the global supply at risk. half of the areas where coffee is grown could be lost by 2050 if something doesn't change. starbucks just raised their prices just hearing that again.
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evil. longstanding issue taking center stage once again at georgetown university. coming up the renewed conversation about its role in the institution of slavery. >> and later changes for one northern virginia community that may make you think twice about honki there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. come up for air.
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asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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>> 7:22 and we're back with a check of your top stories on this thursday morning. there's good news for metro riders. the rhode island avenue station is opened today. this after it was closed last night when
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the ceiling onto the mezzanine. but again, the rhode island avenue station is opened today. >> developing overnight one of d.c.'s busiest roadways shut down by this massive fire. the flames broke out about 1:30 a.m. at a carry out restaurant near bates street spread to the building's sector floor. firefighters able to get those flames under control. reopened the area just after 4 o'clock this morning. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> five-year-old boy is recovering this morning after a nurse at the hope community charter school in the district gave him the wrong medicine for his asthma. his name is jacari bridgeforth. he was given ritalin a pill for adhd instead of his inhaler. don't mind this behind us. fox5 tried to reach out to the d.c. charter's public school board for comment and as well as the principal and the assistant principal at the imagine school for comment but so far we haven't heard back. but our facebook page there's more detail there. >> talk about georgetown in a minute.
7:24 am
logo. first though new research shows marijuana use among adults are on the rise. fewer adults thinks it's risky. experts attribute it to loosened pot and medicals marijuana laws in several states including here in the district. back in 2002, about 50 percent of adults that was the weekly marijuana use was dangerous and i'm going to go ahead and assume that number has grown since then. >> most definitely. >> okay. >> are you trying to do -- >> no, i didn't know -- i didn't know what the new figures are so i'm assuming based on that story. >> talking about it and it's a bigger population. now to what you're seeing behind us. students and faculty at georgetown university about to take on a contentious topic at a discussion this afternoon. >> they'll be having hard conversation about the university's role in the institution of slavery. but also looking forward to the future. bob barnard joins us now from the georgetown campus. bob. >> reporter: yeah, guys, this is going to be a meeting at 4 o'clock today here on the campus of georgetown university. basically to acknowledge and recognize
7:25 am
history with slavery and as we look at this university i will tell you there's been a working group here headed by a catholic priest that is going the make some recommendations released later today. it's a working group on slavery, memory and reconciliation because the jesuit priests, the university had slaves working at jesuit owned tobacco fields in maryland back in the late 1700's in the 1800s. the university sold slaves to help keep this university alive. they sold slaves to plantations in the south and louisiana. it also -- the sale of slaves paid for catholic missionary programs. well, the head of this working group is a catholic priest and a history professor here at georgetown. he says racism and brutality is part of our history that needs to be told especially to young jesuit priests and he wrote this david collins wrote an op-ed that ran in the new york times yesterday. here's how he summed it
7:26 am
he said deliver slavery is our history and we are its heirs. america would not be america except for its deplorable history of slavery. there will be no liberty and justice for all until we understand that. not just georgetown university and the roman catholic church but we as a nation. so, guys, it's pretty significant stuff. it's going to be at 4 o'clock this afternoon the university president are opening this to the georgetown university community not to the media not to the public, the general public. they will be streaming this meeting at 4 o'clock at we'll link you there from our web site as well and so basically it's this working group that is -- there has been grappling with this issue and the head of it as you saw says georgetown has done a lot of great things over the years but bad things too in its history and it needs to come out, it needs to be talked about and that really begins in earnest later today guys. >> i'm very excited about that initiative and look f
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that very much. kudos to you georgetown. promising new results in the fight against alzheimer's. the one drug that could play a key role in slowing the disease coming up. >> first hoe though was it worth the trip. we'll break down donald trump's meeting with mexico's president. what it means for his rival hillary
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♪ oh, man that's a gloomy look at the capitol this morning. it is 7:30 and 76 degrees out there, but tucker could get worse, right? could be kind of rainy, more cloudy as the weekend progresses. >> we're focused on the weekend here. let me give the latest with hermine tropical storm and we're focused on it locally we think it will impact our weekend weather particularly the beaches. but there's the latest. it continues to grow intensify little bit overnight. maximum winds 60 miles per hour. real story has been heavy rain if you watched any of the skins game last night very heavy rain in tampa during that game but there's the latest. update 8:00 a.m. waiting for update. still tropical storm likely minimal hurricane as it makes landfall late tonight and watch the track. now since you went to bed last night that track shifted a little further to the south and to the east and that would be great news for us. i think the beaches
7:31 am
get high impact event. more on that but perhaps we'll salvage a day with clouds and just some rain around here instead of flooding rain like we feared yesterday. of course this track could wobble still to the west or to the east over the next couple of days. we'll have the latest i'm tweeting out a lot at tucker fox5 if you want to ask me questions about what you can expect this weekend. coming up rain here locally as well. i'll have a look at the local radar in just a minute. >> allison and steve. >> somebody. ♪ i'll take it tuck race for the white house brewing up a storm of its own fresh off his trip to mexico new poll shows the gap is tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton this morning still questions about exactly what it was that happened during his meeting with mexico's president here's what donald trump had to say about it last night at his rally in arizona. >> we agreed on the importance of ending the illegal flow of drugs, cash, guns and people across our border and to put the
7:32 am
cartels out of business. (applause). >> mexico, you know that, will work with us, i really believe it. >> max companies president seemed to have a different version. so did the gamble pay off for donald trump. what does it mean for his democratic rifle. joining nouse to you talk about jason and adam green democrat strategist representing democrats. not a debate, guys. no pressure on you. just happy you're both together that we can chat about this. let me ask you first, jason, why would donald trump even go to mexico at this point? what was the whole reason behind this? >> big risk, right? i mean, i think he even went against, you know, advice that people were giving him, don't -- stay away but the mexican president offered to meet with both donald trump and hillary clinton and sort of almost overnight trump sort of made this decision jumped on a plane the next thing you know reporters were even trying to scramble to keep up with him
7:33 am
holding this press conference and meetings behind closed doors with the mexican president was big gamble and i think it really paid off for him. >> adam does this put pressure on hillary clinton to do the same thing, will they she take the bait so to speak and do the same? >> i think it does not put pressure on her to do the same i think it was disaster for donald trump. >> why do you think. >> it was a good day for him if you were still running in the primary. his message coming out of the press conference witness president of mexico and his speech later really contra dicked. one was conciliatory, one was red meat let's put up a wall and keep them out that authenticity was good in the primary. for americans who want a sturdy hasn't on the till they didn't get that and i think if anything hillary clinton will not repeat that. >> jason, what do you think about that? >> i think that donald trump has given more press conferences in mexico hasn't hillary clinton has given in the united states. he gave press conference down there. he look very diplomatic. i remember obama did that in 2008 when he weren't to berli
7:34 am
he had to prove they had foreign policy chops and he could put sort of some meat behind his foreign policy credentials which he didn't have at the time, and obama, you know, so obama took a risk that way, i think, donald trump did a risk this way you didn't know how it was going to turn out. i do agree with that. however all the receipt views are in and pretty positive for him. he look diplomatic he took the stage with world leader. hillary clinton has thousands of these appearances. donald trump now has one. >> let me ask you a follow up and them then adam come back to you. he may have had more pre conferences in mexico hasn't hillary clinton had in the united states. however the people of mexico are not voting for president right now the focus is on the people of america who are actually voting for president. donald trump's base obviously you referred to the red meat that was put out there. donald trump's base obviously would latch on to that. what about those who are not his base? did yesterday's actions help or hurt that in his campaign? >> here's where he's shifting the -- he's putting a
7:35 am
that's a conversation that's high time we had in america. it's what he said. it's borders it's protecting the borders against the flow of drugs, illegal immigration and arms, and now we learn that mexico actually has a shared interest in the fact that they're having arms coming over from the united states that's very troublesome for their country. there was some common ground that was struck on that point, and we're looking at heroin -- governor hogan came out two years ago and said one of the biggest crisis facing maryland is the heroin epidemic. i was thrown for a loop. i had no idea. as i don't think a lot of people would don't get outside the beltway but when you go out into some of these cities and towns and neighborhoods and communities you see that the flow of heroin that's coming in from mexico it's devastating to them. not to mention the millions of jobs that were lost with nafta. so this is what he's -- he's shining a spotlight on these issues and these issues should be front and center in the presidential debate. >> i d
7:36 am
going to argue on any side that if you can curtail drugs and curtail any of that violence and crime it will make america a better place no doubt about it but adam i'll give you the final word here that sounds a lot like what hillary clinton might say in her campaign speeches as we well. >> first let me agree. i think hillary clinton could do more press conferences in general. honestly her idea from debt free college -- >> let me just stop you quickly. >> she would do well by having press conference. >> does to hurt her? >> both candidates had a bump aft the conventions. we're seeing that tighten up again. might she change now and perhaps we see a softer side of her that opens up more to the american people and to the press? >> i don't know about soft. i think she's consistent tone weiss. in terms of opening up i hope there's more press conferences. debates will be informative. back to trump for a second, him going out on that stage and contradicting himself having the leader of mexico contradict trump's rowing of what happened at that meeting that did not look good for a next president. if his goa
7:37 am
presidential he looked like he was the bad news bears of diplomacy that's not encouraging. >> we're officially into september. we're two months away from the election. so we're getting closer as we found we have no clue what will happen in the next two months the way this has been going. debates will be interesting for sure. gentlemen, thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate i7:37. let's check back in with tucker he's watching something may impact all of us this weekend. >> yeah, i'll have more on hermine coming up here in just couple minutes. talk local weather. we have rain early this morning. want to get you prepared as you head out the door for your day today. 75 now in washington. 72 dulles. bwi marshall that cooler and drier air working on in but bringing rain showers to the area and just want to look at storm tracker radar here. pretty good line of rain showers generally washington points north here howard county up towards columbia, clarksville, montgomery, loudoun county rain shower activity this at point. here in the city starting to see rain break again. we'll have on again off again shower activity throughout our thursday along with a cooler temperatures we w
7:38 am
and the good news i think most of the rain should taper off by late this afternoon and if you are going down to nats park for the springsteen concert you should be in good shape. notice cooler temperatures this afternoon only in the low to mid 80s that humidity will start to weigh in this afternoon as cooler air sinks in. coming up in just a minute we'll give you tropical storm hermine update and talk about our weekend forecast. all right. erin is back with roads. >> we we have wet roads, we have crowded roads and we have a lot going on. right now taking live look behind me this is in prince george's county. the downed tree we've been telling you about sin sell car crash. car hit a tree. tree fell on the vehicle. 450 remains shut down race track road and crane highway a lot of crews working hard to get that large tree cleared. let's take look at the beltway right now and show what else you're up against as you make your way out around the area very heavy traffic in maryland and virginia outer loop by 202 remains completely jammed up. outer loop continues with delays once you pass baltimore washington parkway. we're dealing with very slow-moving traffic. you can see passed new
7:39 am
95 to georgia about 25 minute delay in maryland this morning. also, in virginia, we're dealing with very heavy traffic on the inner loop through annandale. this is out by braddock road and those delays continue once you pass 66 through tysons near old dominion drive from 66 up to clara barton very heavy slo slow-moving traffic. accidents on our secondaries much check in with me on twitter erin fox5 d.c. safetrack surge eight the only thing um you can't bag metro on the blue line. >> changes coming for one northern virginia community why you might want to think twice about honking your horn in loudoun county. laters the heart warming story behind this photo. it's gone
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things fferently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in.
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♪ happening today at dulles airport tsa will unveil and dedicate 9-n seventy seven artifact from the pentagon the plane that struck the pentagon in 2001 took off from dulles airport. artifact is actually a piece of limestone from the area of the pentagon building that was destroyed on that fateful day. heads up loudoun county residents you will need to quiet down starting tonight. here's what you need to know. starting today, music can't be heard more than 100 feet from its source between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. horns and other sounds from your car can't be sounded for more than 20 seconds at a time. and spinning tires or racing engines also prohibited. violations of the ordinance could cost you between 500 and $2,500. >>
7:43 am
brown. first he had his night in jail. first the standoff then the night in jail then a new single drops. and kevin loves it. we'll listen it to coming up. >> good song. this photo tugging how america's heart strings. how this unlikely duo ended
7:44 am
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪ ♪ all right. welcome back. lots and lots of weather to talk about. local effects of hermine as we
7:46 am
listen, somebody just tweeted me about a fishing forecast for tomorrow. i think we're fine tomorrow. this is saturday-sunday perhaps monday time frame we're concerned about. all about the track. yesterday we were very concerned that the heart of the storm was going to come right over the washington -- immediate washington area. it looks like it wants to shift further south and east. latest runs are taking the heaviest of hermine to our south and east which is great news. that would mean lesser impact for us. here's where i can guarantee the weather community very confident that the beaches are going to be heavily impacted by the remnants of hermine. again not be a tropical storm. remnants as it moves on through saturday night into sunday and then a big question mark for us. linger off the coast if it does. unfortunately keep the weather and high surf conditions and rip currents going there along the beaches into early next week. all right. there's the latest we hermine. we'll get update here shortly. expecting it to continue to intensify perhaps 65 miles an hour winds when we get that update momentarily bringing flooding rains to parts o
7:47 am
florida. you watch the skins last night in tampa they were dealing with the conditions there as well we heavy rain. and this is all tracking off. it's actually starting to pick up its pace off to the north and east at about 12 miles per hour. we'll look more carefully at hermine. i want to helping getting rain showers here local physical you're running out the door early this morning be prepared here for some rain for the first part of the day and we'll see scattered showers this afterno afternoon. this is that cooler and drier air we've been promising all week finally moving in. we'll only be in the 80 today's with plenty of cloud cover, so i think the showers should be out of here in time for the bruce concert later tonight. we're still waiting for that update. again watch that track. the track is shifted further south and east overnight. that would be great nouse for us here in washington. we still might have cloud cover. we still might be dealing with periods of rain. but it would not be the deluge that we were focusing on yesterday afternoon when it looked like the track was a little further west. i do want to give you heads up certainly a possibility that track could once again get a little further west and also be pushed further east we just don't know yet these storm
7:48 am
fickle kind of have a mind of their own a lot of players in the atmosphere as to exactly where this track is. high pressure to our north. bottom line, keep an eye on the forecast here i'm tweeting tucker fox5 all kinds of information about hermine here. i'll keal up updated. very heavy rain in florida. and then look how it kind of hugs the coast there and i just want to mention the beaches heavy rain throughout this weekend. >> boo! >> five plus inches of rain certainly a possibility. so if you like a rainy day the beaches will be fantastic. if you want sunshine and glorious conditions. >> like met people. it may not be the best weekend. i'm sorry for that. 84 today. 82 tomorrow. zip trip looks great. friday looks great. silver spring come out and see everybody. kevin will be, erin will be there. allison will be there. we'll all be there except for steve. >> erin, you have traffic. >> aww. >> we'll miss him. >> of course we will. bad traffic rain around the area wet roads heavy congestion. tree down
7:49 am
road and crane highway. also flooding conditions 450 between hunt drive and rutledge road. moving up to northern maryland 270 south near 85 there's a crash. huge line of red from 70 to 109. that 11 minute drive is taking you 35 minutes. once you pass 109 conditions do not improve traffic remains very heavy to the spur. we also are dealing with this lights out in fairfax. fairfax county police letting us know via twitter lights out allegories sin parkway and baron cameron avenue. use caution. street its treat those intersections as though you would a stop sign. take turns. forwarding our maps, expect backups person hit by a car bw parkway northbound and memorial bridge. we'll certainly work on getting more information here at fox5 and bring it to you and just notice how congested the 14th street bridge is. lots of backed up traffic. 395 i want to show you live look there from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, let's take look at those cameras. you're crawling along. you can see damp conditions on those roads out by eds
7:50 am
you get close sr. to the 14th street bridge worse delays. beltway dealing with tons of stop and go traffic. parked on the inner loop tysons to clara barton and outer loop out in college park we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> there's new alzheimer's drug medical experts are pretty excited about it's possibility. researchers found that the drug binds to and breaks down the protein that builds up in the brain of alzheimer's patients. the results of the trial which was done overseas shows the higher the dose of the drug the more protein is removed. so basically keep people at the same level of functioning as they are now. >> right. >> it would be a ground-breaking development. >> if it works it would be great. florida state football player getting even more praise this morning for something that he recent dull off the field. >> his name is travis rudolph he was spotted eating lunch with a boy who has autism. that boy's named beau. he was sitting alone football player was visiting his school with several other players to meet with students. beau's mom says he typically eats lunch alone every day. nobody sits with him. travis says the two hit
7:51 am
right away. >> simple gesture proving to have a lasting impressions. buy's classmates now inviting him to eat with them during lunch. you wish they would have done that before. >> yeah. >> but, you hope that it's all for good reason now. >> and that it lasts. >> everybody learned a lesson. >> and that it lasts. simple act of kindness. beautiful story. that simple gesture proving to have a lasting impression, again, looks like he has company. >> sure does. 7:51 right now. all right. time for the fox beat. let's bring kevin in right now. updating that story with good news but updating chris brown story. >> chris brown story has been huge over the past couple of days. we all sat and watched this entire thing go down. tmz all over this and we learned yesterday that chris brown actually posted bail for people who aren't familiar with the story a woman alleged that he pulled a gun on her and that apparently he stayed in his house when the police arrived, 11 hour standoff. and then eve
7:52 am
posted bail noun he's out. the question is, what happens all allegations still the person who claimed he pulled a gun on her has a very interesting past. she's actually a grand larson knee suspect. interesting to find out what happened exactly now that chris brown is out of jail he released a brand new song last night. allison and i were discussing this earlier. besides all the trouble that chris brown finds himself in he still makes incredible music. this is new song last night on twitter. check it out. ♪ >> that's the new song and i love the idea. the corvuses amazing. we don't have time to get to that. brand new song he released last night on sound cloud. hopefully it will keep playing so we can get to the chorus. chorus is catchy. i've been singing it all morning long. regardless of what trouble he's gott
7:53 am
talented singer. >> yes, he is. >> he can sing and dance. >> rooting for you. >> this is the chorus. >> ♪ >> reminds most justin timberlake song. >> dance, dance, dance. >> when did he make that? but, you know, his home looks like it could hold several studios. >> two days ago. >> taylor swift is the god matter to jamie king's daughter -- i'm sorry son and this is a letter that they received yesterday from the hospital and i'm trying to see i am pleased to n cedar sinai received a tribute gift in honor of your son. donation made by miss taylor swift on behalf of leo thomas new man. she posted this letter to instagram james mow king who's an actress and said this heartfelt message taylor swift sent this message. we can pull this up right here. dear all, at 20 weeks our son was diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries akatga he had major heart surgery tha
7:54 am
terrifying. the post goes on but she basically is thanking taylor swift because this donation was made to the hospital and this is them about seven months ago. that's jamie king on the left the baby in the middle and taylor swift on the right. she just continues to kind of do good for people. >> she made a gift to the heart division there. >> she donated to the hospital. the hospital sent a letter to jamie king saying this donation has been made. jamie king took to instagram to thank her and post the letter itself. very cool there. a great story on variety about the ratings the vma's received this year on television versus social media. this is so interesting. the difference is so large. that it's causing some questions. this is beyonce' performing at the vma's sunday night. for example, the television viewer ship was bound 36% from last year as we said already. they had 6.5 million total viewers. that included all the simulcast and tv, vh1, comedy central. if you look at snap chat, they had three times the amount of viewers. variety says that the m
7:55 am
story feed on snap chat quote reached nearly 21 million unduplicated global unique viewers. in 2016 that number was only 12. almost doubled from there. variety also port its reporting that more than 173 million video streams happened for the entire award show since sunday. so the big question there being, you know, there's 21 million people undue lip indicated watching snap chat. 6.5 watching it didn't v. >> we saw that during the olympic. >> poses an interesting question. >> people are watching online. >> i think one helps the other. i think that people tune in to snap chat and turn their tv on i think it goes back and forth. >> um-hmm. >> that's my personal opinion. >> i think snap chat online that's what you do individually. >> sure. >> if you want to get the girls around the tv to watch that's something you do collectively. >> right. >> so the options are still there. >> it's the world we're living in. >> it's interesting. i think one helps the other. i think tv ratings are still happening because of the snap chat ratings and back and forth. i think it goes back and forth. it
7:56 am
>> let's hope tv is still relevant. >> me, too. >> thanks, kev. >> sometimes you just want to see them on your little phone. >> i feel for all of those people. 74 now in washington. we got rain showers across the area. i do want to mention i'll give you hermine update momentarily because we just got an update. it's intensifying here. humidity 87%. winds out of the north at 12. look the that combination cooler temperatures and winds out of the north. that means we've got cooler and drier air working on in. it's not here yet we are getting rain showers across the area so if you were running out the door to work or school, be prepared for rain showers for much of your day today. not going to rain every minute today but we'll have scattered showers throughout the day. the good news i think the front will be just far enough south and east by late this afternoon and this evening that if you're headed down to nats park i'm getting lots and lots of tweets about the springsteen concert. you should in good shape for that tonight. should be dry. there's your seven day. 84 today. zip trip tomorrow morning silver spring. come say hi to us we'll all be
7:57 am
82, sunny and bright and beautiful. not so much this weekend. i will update you on hermine momentarily but it will be a player in our forecast and there's lots of question marks about it. hopefully it's all out here by monday get a nice monday since that's also my birthday, erin. >> yes, tucker. i'm planning a big party. it's labor day, it's your birthday. going to be good. >> do i get input into my own party? good no. >> okay. metro update stalled rain at rockville delays to glenmont on the red line. no alerts fort yellow and green lean but as we make our way out earlier switch problem at mcpherson square to smithsonian. still seeing residual delays on the orange, silver and blue li line. safetrack surf eight single tracking on the blue lines. we'll take a look at those roads, crowded conditions and rain. keep it to fox5.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 a.m., a live look outside on this thursday morning. weather and traffic coming your way on the 5's at 8:05. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. % up 8:00 o'clock, we're tracking tropical storm hermine people in florida already bracing themselves as it continues to head toward that state. >> already lashing parts of florida with heavy rain.
8:01 am
live picture right now from braid ton beach the storm could be upgrade to do hurricane today. in order governor rick scott says it's been awhile since the state has seen a hurricane season warning people to be prepared isn't we'll turn things over to the expert himself mr. tucker barnes. i'll tell you what, if you were much watching the skins game last night you saw that falling in florida. >> tropical rains. the reason we're so focused on it it will likely impact our weekend weather unfortunately it looks like perfect weekend. >> it did. >> not so much any more. >> maybe it will change again. >> that's actually a distinct possibility that's part of the reason we're talking so much about it because the track has been wobbling to and fro here. this is your 8am update. i want to let you know that the winds are up now to 65 miles per hour. when it hits 75 that category one hurricane and it's forecast to do so before it makes landfall and the pressure down. as long as that pressure is falling the storm is intensifying and heavy rain that's been the real story so far into parts of florida b
8:02 am
we, too, are focused on the possibility of heavy rain locally here as we get into the weekend. all right. your tropical tracker. notice the track of the storm. since you went to bed last night if you're just turning on the tv or getting on your social media, the track is further south and east modeling the guidance overnight pushing that storm further east that would be great news for us. that would mean lesser impacts locally. still think the beaches are going to be dealing with a brunt of this system as there's the potential for days and days of gusty winds, strong storm surge, rain potentially five plus inches down at the beaches over the course of saturday, sunday and perhaps even monday. but here locally, that track if it continues to push a little further east or if it wobbles back to the west will really be a big player on how much rain and how much wind we have to deal with here in the immediate washington area as we get into the second half of saturday, sunday time frame. so lot going on here. i will continue to give you updates i'm just tweeting out all the updates tucker fox
8:03 am
you want to converse with me about your weekend plans much there's quick look at the seven day focus locally on today. 84. we do have showers in the vicinity in the neighborhood today. and they'll be with us for much of the day. be prepared here for scattered rain showers. cooler air, though, look at that 84 your daytime highs. guys, lots more on hermine and our local weather look at the radar in just a minute. >> thanks, tuck. have traffic alert to pass along to you before you head out the door. route 450 at annapolis road stop and look at this picture pretty drama here. it's closed between race track road and route three in bowie. chopper was just on the scene and it looks like a large tree is down. it's down on a car and all that's blocking a portion of the road. again if you're headed out the door in bowie, route 450 is closed. >> second story this week involving a tree falling down on top of car or pole of some type. this morning if you're taking the rhode island metro station the station is open. concern last night because debris had fallen from t
8:04 am
ceiling on to the mezzanine area of the station. station had to be closed. crews work overnight to address the incident. fortunately no injuries. rhode island of a station open this morning. new at 8:00 this one will have you shaking your head. d.c. police arrested two young men who went on bee bow gun shooting spree in upper northwest. this past tuesday night three people were hit with beebees while walking along vc terrace. one of the victims was a special police officer. on wednesday afternoon, a person was hit by beebee on van ness street. 91 of the victims is seriously hurt. police say in both cases the beebees were fired from a residence on van ness. well we talk about it all the time. you never know what you'll see on social media these two young ladies look like they're having the time of their life on vacation and then on cruise ship well these women are from canada and they posted all their pictures online. the problem is they're next port of call may prison police say the ladies and another passenger were actually on that cruise ship to smuggle $30 million of cocaine in t
8:05 am
they busted in australia but yet to enter a plea. having the time of their lives. >> until it happened. >> 8:05 right now. we have a story of what drivers complain about. officials listen sometimes. >> this stems from d.c. speed camera a lot of people said was in dangerous spot. the question is will the new location be any safer? melanie is along 295 in southwest the sight of the speed camera this morning. hi, mel. >> reporter: hey, steve and allison, and yeah, there's the speed camera right there. easily the most hated speed camera in all of washington, d.c. that's not saying much. 71 to 100,000 vehicles pass by it every day. it is the most profitable speed camera in the city bringing in $7.1 million a year to city covers. now, you see it this morning in its new location. just about 100 feet from where it was before. do you see the problem here? the problem is that that 8-foot steal structure i
8:06 am
guardrail sitting in the shoulder lane of 295. now, aaa mid atlantic successfully got the city to move this speed camera from its prior location which it also said posed a hazard because it was in a truck pull off area and lot of people got confused by it. the city said sure we'll move it but they moved it to this location and apparently this location violates some federal road safety rules. basically saying that if there's any sort of a large structure like that it needs to be either off the shoulder and behind the guardrail. aaa says shoulders here are really here for safety. they're here so that if a driver needs to swerve to get out of the way of an accident or to avoid something or to even pull off the road in the middle of the night because the car is having issues the shoulder areas are specified to be safe zones and in the middle of the night that might be very difficult to see.
8:07 am
an accident where someone is swerving quickly they could easily hit that speed camera. and that is why they're very concerned saying this also is not a good choice. not a safe location for this speed camera. we don't have any response yet from the dc police department. they are the ones in charge of the locations of the speed cameras. triple. also asking perhaps maybe d dot ought to weigh in on this when they move it hopefully the next time. back to you guys. >> 8:00 sorry seven right now. just looks woe physical out of place. dropped along the side of the road right now. >> i'm glad they moved it. >> they will. >> speaking of getting better let's check in with erin como and see if things are getting better on the roads. >> actually no. traffic is terrible i'm just walking in from the traffic studio taking a look at all of the different cameras. we have a new crash 395 northbound look at that basi basically parked all lanes are open right now from the bottom of the beltway pass that point of the crash mode
8:08 am
zebra striped area. speeds under 10 miles an hour. wet roads and crowded conditions beltway to the 14ly street bridge you can see it blocking that right shoulder at duke street. let's switch it over right now and show you what else you're up against this morning with look at our maps. that's not the only crash or delay. look at all the red on the map coming in from the outside of the beltway in maryland bw parkway north and southbound and 95 southbound speeds under 10 miles an hour. the outer loop completely jams from before 95 to past georgia. average speeds under 10 miles an hour and you can see the outer loop as you make your way from about 414 all the way through largo up to bw parkway jams. inner loop is slow through annandale and again all the way up to clara barton. clara barton, cabin john and river road are sluggish and 270 very jammed because of a crash by 85. more traffic in just few momen moments. we'll neck with metro. steve. >> was it worth it after a surprise visit to mexico. will donald trump get that boost he's looking for. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary going to join us just ahead with her take on this. >> a braze septem
8:09 am
police need your help tracking those responsible down. ♪
8:10 am
>> happening now d.c. police searching for several suspects involved in several different crimes including this armed robbery you're looking at. it happened about two weeks ago on pennsylvania avenue a block from eastern market metro. three suspects approached a driver, one pulls out gun, then all three get into that car and drive off. police areop
8:11 am
recognize the suspects and get in touch with them. >> also surveillance video from a dramatic attack with hammer at a local 7eleven. >> dc police are now asking for help tracking down the people responsible for this one. anjali hemphill is live in northwest where it happened with more on how you can help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that surveillance video catches a very scary situation when two people went into this 7eleven behind me to stole some cigarettes and ended up pulling out hammer and used it against the clerk. this 7eleven here is on cedar street in upper northwest right near the tacoma metro station. let's get right to that surveillance video d.c. police have row leased it's quite clear the images there and they're hoping someone might recognize the man and woman suspects in that video. again, you see those two suspects they look rather young. walk into the 7eleven. this is sunday night right around 10:00 o'clock at night. police say those two suspects tried to take cigarettes from behind the counter. that's when the two employees who were working tried to stop them. a struggle then ensued, and then you see the woman suspect in the video pi
8:12 am
to strike one of the employees with it. you also then see the other employee trying to hold her back as well as that other male suspect. police say the two suspects left with those cigarettes they stole. they are now obviously looking for them. they are hoping someone might recognize their images from that surveillance video we just played for you. you are urged to call dc police if you know those people. you can also text them at 50411. you can receive a reward if your information leads to an arrest. for now we're live in upper northwest, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> that's horrifying. i hope they're off the streets. no one likes to visit dentist, right? when it comes to keeping those pearly whites clean, there are several things you need to know before your next appointment. we'll have details. >> you paused to smile. >> i wanted to show off my pearly whites a little. >> first though arguably the most popular house in the district. if it were to be on the market, how much would the white house be listed for? >> i am not selling --
8:13 am
>> okay. ♪ >> what if i said thi ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ welcome back to fox5 news morning. >> kind of gloomy out there. talked to some of our guests last hour, kind of had to come in dodge some rain drop on the way. >> yeah. we're look at radar but umbrella here. we got rain showers. >> first, though -- >> let's get cute. get in sunshine. time
8:16 am
>> what's going on. >> fox5 first five photo of the day. >> khloe. >> got khloe. >> love that smile. >> uh-huh. >> adorable. >> all right. this is khloe, everybody. >> hi, khloe. >> here she is on her first day of school. i assume this is the last couple of weeks, right? >> my goodness. maybe like a pre kindergarten. nursery school. maybe. >> adorable. >> she's a little one. >> here's what she loves doing when she's not being an awesome student. >> okay. >> she enjoys watching fox5. >> okay. >> and she thinks on occasion that i'm hilarious. >> no way. you were supposed to read that, al. >> no way. it said tucker. >> that's so sweet. >> will he wee thinks you're hilarious. >> i hope in good way. >> look at her laugh right there. she's like yup. uncle tuck is hilarious. we think you're a cutie patutie. >> we love it, khloe. >> to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page and send in picture as cute as khloe and you may
8:17 am
tomorrow. >> aww. >> okay. >> so cute. look at her little hands. >> we love it. >> little hands. >> first day of school. big smile. >> can you give her any sunshine at you will today or not really? >> not so much today. but tomorrow looks beautiful. >> okay. >> for our zip trip and cooler. right back to the tropics we go. got hermine the reason we were so focused on hermine we're talking about it so much it looks it's player in our weekend forecast. for the past seven days i said it will be gorgeous all weekend. >> um-hmm. >> it turns out hermine has other plans. >> no. >> 65 miles an hour winds now. when it make 75 it will be hurricane and forecast to do so right before it make landfall in northwest florida later tonight and early tomorrow. all right. i mentioned the umbrella locally. that's the reason why we got rain showers moving through that's a cold front and it will bring us cooler and drier air but doing so we're getting rain showers at this hour. so rain on and off for much of the day or at least scattered showers. i think it's all out of here in time tonight for the bruce
8:18 am
>> are you going? you keep talking about it. >> no. i've had so many tweets with people who are going that are concerned. >> it's at nationals park. >> it's open. i'm like -- all right. >> i have no -- i went to the one in verizon center in january. i can't affording to more than once. >> i know. >> he wouldn't buy me a tick so i'm not going now. >> okay. i guess momentarily i'll come and tell you more about hermine and our weekend impact, potential impact. >> okay. >> are you saying we cut you off. >> my map which i was supposed to talk about disappear. >> we'll bring it back next time. >> check in with erin and get a look at the commute. >> you can blame me i was waiting to tell you about the terrible traffic and metro. stalled train at rockville delays to glenmont on the red line. delays because of earlier switch between mcpherson square and smithsonian service is back to normal the or raffle, silver and blue you still may encounter delays. safetrack surge eight single tracking between springfield -- franconia springfield and van dorn. we'll keep updated o
8:19 am
several crashes wet roads around the dmv prince george's county delays continue to the beltway but we have a crash involving four cars 50 west blocking the its shoulder bite 197 and take look here in frederick. lock at that huge line of red. there's crash blocking the shoulder by 85 and from frederick all the way down to the spur it is a line of red. speeds under 10 miles per hour. you're looking at about a 60 minute delay to get from frederick down to the beltway once you get to the beltway traffic not moving to and from baltimore. 95bw parkway north and southbound all back up. we have a crash tilton street at beach street in the district. excuse me beach drive and 395 by duke street on the northbound side crash. big delays around the district get an early start, take your time. allison and steve. >> erin, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> all right. let's have little fun this morning if -- let's just say if a huge hypothetical if we know the white house, we love the white house. if it was on the housing market what would it be listed for? >> i honestly think do you want a real honest guess because i know the answer? good i would think more l
8:20 am
>> okay g that's all i'm saying. >> i'd go north of that. >> you would. >> based on west coast real estate. maybe 75 to 80 million. >> okay. we'll woe physical under selling this thing. one group found out the exact cost. holly is here to tell us how much would it go if the white house was the open market in we'll get to the exact price in a second. the estimated value, right would would the ad say? >> space its spacious home with amenities on huge lot. >> 28 fireplaces. >> in a nice neighborhood. >> couple of elevators. >> your own bowling alley. >> right. >> i don't know. >> one of the reasons they did this for fun and let's just say it's not for sale, right, the white house could never be for sale. is that it is election year, everyone is focused on who will be moving in and one of the people that could be moving in is real estate mogul. so that's one of the reasons why they thought it would be fun to do this. well, let's take look more specifically about what exactly you would getter for your money. because the white house isn't just a building, right
8:21 am
one of our iconic national symbols. it has one there rooms, 18 acres of land and a prime location, we all know real estate is all about locate, right? the white house also has some 750 art facts that come with it. that's probably where your underestimating the value. >> it comes already decorated. >> oh, okay. >> you forgot about that and also comes with historic artwork and impressive china collection. >> yeah. >> that's where we're really starting to talk about the money. to top it off, it's six floors, 55,000 square feet, are you ready for the price tag for this abundance of riches, $250 million. >> okay. >> that's big number, right? the group used three standard appraisal methods cost, income and comps, right? there you have it. >> right. >> if you wanted that buy the white house it would cost you $250 million. is it worth is the question. >> this is what was interesting when i was reading about it. the art and china you're talking about
8:22 am
there are five cezanne in the white house. those a lone are worth $72.5 million. >> i wasn't counting that. >> china like the china from the jefferson era. recently one plate went on auction for $25,000. there's whole collection there and that's just one president's collection. this is really fun, though. when they talk about zoning, they actually said the area of the real estate which really belongs to the interior department if you're talking specifics, they gave hardly any value to because if you bought it and say you wanted to knock down the white house and build a high rise there's no zoning for the white house at all so they said the money that you would have to pay in legal fees to lobbyists to try to get it zoned for you to do what you would do would eat up all your money. >> wouldn't be worth it. >> wouldn't be worth it let's not buy it holly. >> let's let do it what it does. >> thanks, holly. >> just making sure there's no
8:23 am
leaks. >> spending that much money you want quality product. >> and security. >> latest '90's tv star making a big return and later it's only september, first of all it is september. september 1 already, but we've got the holidays on our minds. a list of hottest holiday toys. yup,
8:24 am
8:25 am
again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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>> apparently he's back. remember bill ny the science guy he'll be back on tv thanks to netflix. streaming service says a new series featuring with nye it will debut in 2017. the tv educator famously hosted pbs program back in the '90's dubbing him the science guy. it rhymes. it was perfect. >> yeah. >> nye can't wait for the new series it will not be called bill nye the science guy but bill nye and talking about science things. >> perfect. we need this. >> bill nye talking about science thing. >> creativity not flowing this morning. >> i like it. bill nye talking about science see things. >> tucker barnes talking about weather tow follow moms. >> 74 in washington. winds out of the north at 12. umbrella here for the least the morning hours and then we'll have scattered showers this afternoon as we've got cooler and drier air working in finally, yes, finally we'll take it. there's your light scattered shower activity overnight some thunderstorms. as moving on in. all right. i want to get --
8:27 am
mean and the possible impact. it look like starting saturday event for us right now it looks like the worst of impacts along the beaches and here's some of the um, possible impacts. flooding rain, high wind, beach erosion, high surf and storm surge rip occurrence currents. for us locally it will be breezy conditions and rain showers. we don't know exact wrl that track will be. there will be flow in the eventual path of this storm. quick lock at the seven day. 84 today. 82 tomorrow for our zip trip. weekend lots of questions marks on that track. that's the latest. back to you. >> so up next we'll break down donald trump's surprise visit to mexico and his immigration speech that followed in arizona. >> fox5 political reporter ronica cleary will join
8:28 am
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comcast business. built for business. ♪ we agreed on the importance of ending the illegal flow of drugs, cash, guns and people across our border and to put the cartels out of business. mexico you know that will work with us, i really believe it. >> donald trump's big immigration speech. did it help or hurt his campaign? what e
8:31 am
trying to accomplish any way? >> fox5 political reporter ronica cleary joins us now with her take. hello. >> hi, steve and allison. good to be here. i want to give you five key take aways i think you should take from the speech. he gave a 10-point plan these are the things most important. first thing i want to talk about is the fact that donald trump throughout the day yesterday you know that he also met and had press conference witness president of mexico. we really saw a change in his tone but definitely not in his policy and that soundbite we just listened to he really tried to present this idea that this wall is beneficial to mexico as well as the united states. he also brought home this point several times. he used this language, it is our right as a sovereign nation really bringing home the 80 that this wall is a peaceful suggestion not this controversial idea. so i would say number one, the policy is really the same. but donald trump is trying to present it in a different way. >> what do you think about the change in tone toe though from the speech in mexico versus the speech in arizona? >> it was very different. >> completely different presentations.
8:32 am
you know before donald trump introduced the event in arizona, he said, this isn't going to be typical rally because you do see a tremendous difference between his rallies and maybe his more, you know, the presentation at the press conference. but then as the speech went on in arizona, it felt more and more like rally. so by the end of the speech you'd say his tone was a same. >> slipped back into his comfort zone. >> exact exactly the he thrives off the energy of the crowd. second point he brought his home until of search priority as the american people. he tried to differentiate himself from hillary clinton not just in poll is he but saying his central priority is what immigration policy is best for the american people. where he said hillary clinton's priority is helping immigrants. again just trying to differentiate himself from hillary clinton and bringing home that idea of make american great again but americans first. the crowd loved it but it is always hard to tell you're in state -- state of arizona they once tried to privately fund a border wall along arizona and meco
8:33 am
>> most definitely. >> keep that if mine. number three this was widely controversial yesterday. the wall, okay, who is going to builder hasn't will pay for it? he said he stressed and we were all waiting for it anticipating who, f he was going to mexico was going to pay for it because i mean you both heard all that controversy yesterday. >> right. >> did he lie? >> did mexico's president say we're not paying for the wall? he made it seem like we didn't really talk about who will pay for it though we talk about the wall. >> what are we do believe here. >> i don't know. i think it's maybe a debate over semantics. i think the way that donald trump is presenting it after that meeting is, okay, maybe the president mentioned that he's not going to pay for it but we didn't have negotiation about who would pay for it. i really think that's where we're seeing a difference. he released a press release later in response to the president's tweet about saying, look, i brought this up, and he said, of course, we have differences of opinions on this, but this was not a negotiation. >>
8:34 am
deportation. this was very controversial part of donald trump's immigration plan. him saying we'll deport every single person here i think it was 11 million yesterday he still talk about deportation but he said his first hour, his first minute in office they're going to deport about 2 million people he's calling these criminal aliens. so there was still this idea that if you are here -- if you are here illegally, if do you not have documentation to be here, do you notably belong he here. but the idea that, okay, let's do this with a humanitarian evident and mission that's where people are pointing to is this a flip flop? is this a softening of tone? >> is the plan to deport people who commit serious crimes? >> he says that that's not happening under the president's administration. if you saw the speech last night, i will say no matter your party or filiation a very moving and touching moment he brought up what are called angel moms these are parents or loved ones who have lot of somebody from somebody who was h
8:35 am
trump says should not be here. okay. whether they were in a sanctuary city, undo you meaned. whether they are criminal ill yen and they told the story and name of their loved one so he's just really trying to stress i will deport anybody here whose already commit add crime immediately. anybody who commits a crime will be deported immediately. and sort of differentiate between draw this spectrum if you will. >> the last take away from you. >> last take away extreme vetting. this is -- i mean i said that's controversial. everything that he has said is large the been controversial and debated. this idea will there be a religious task. will you know when he said muslim-americans won't be admit flood this country. okay. so what he said was that if we can't adequately screen you, you are not coming in so he didn't really touch on the conversation of a religious test. but then he said, we will suspend immigration from countries like syria and libya. so changing again the conversation. changing maybe the top, the style of how we bring these topics up, b
8:36 am
really say the three main tenants of his policy and proposal they really are, g stayed intact. >> very much so the same. >> ron any dark thank you. >> thank you. good break down. >> switch gears. send things over to tucker barnes i'm guessing if you were president we would all have more weather time together. >> steve, it would be all about the weather all the time. maybe not this kind of weather. this is hermon maximum winds up to 65 miles an hour. some changes since you went to bed last night. if you've -- i'll give update here. but the bottom line is, heavy, heavy rain into florida like al category one hurricane when it make landfall late tonight. there's look at our storm tracker radar. you're running out the door, you'll need an umbrella this morning. rain showers across the area. lots of clouds the cooler temperatures and the drier air trying to work in, and i think it will be delivered by afternoon. so you'll notice daytime highs only in the low 80s, and drier air working in behind these rain showers little later tonight. quick look at hermine. just want to show you the path. every changing the latest guidance takes a little further south and east that.
8:37 am
would be great news for us. maybe we'll salvage just clouds saturday into sunday or some light rain showers but that will be very very very touchy gradient there the beaches still look like a high impact event. of course, that track could drift a little further west. so we'll continue to give updates here. all right. more weather in just a moment. let's do more traffic with erin. >> busy day for you and that usually means busy day for me, too. roads are february little right now. taking a life look. this is 270 on the southbound side past father hurley traffic at a crawl from frederick down to the spur. factor in about 45 extra minutes to get to the beltway. once you get to the beltway outer loop slow, inner loop very jammed up from 66 all the way past this point at old dough minute yann making your way across the american legion bridge. delays continue right in you as you make your way out. take look at this. things on 14th street are just very crowded up across the 14th street bridge from 395 beltway to that point. earlier crash by duke street cleared. 295 southbound is it a still at a crawl from 50 down past east capitol northbound side looking
8:38 am
the bottom side of the beltway past lavatory road. look at our maps right now. you can get the idea from the cameras how crowded traffic s inbound delays pennsylvania of a jams from southern avenue to minnesota avenue in the district. a lot of very slow-moving traffic in the district. things are moving really slow on branch avenue as you make your way out in brandywine as well towards the beltway. things on 210 in fort washington slow roll. crash activity car into a pole riggs road at south dakota avenue. caution there. give yourself plenty of extra time to get around. red line dealing with delays if you have any metro questions at rin fox5 tv on twitter. >> instagram users rejoice. the social media app is unrolling. >> pizza lovers, did you know it can actually boost your productivity? >> bring it on. >> um-hmm
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ it's a feature that instagram lovers have been waiting for for ages. pinch and zoom. the popular photo sharing app will now let users use their fingers to zoom in on their friends photos and videos. the only downside because -- how many times have you tried to do that? you know. >> you have to take screen shot. then you got to do the whole thing. but here's the downside. photo resolutions won't change if you zoom. so you might look little foggy and picks sill lated if you're zoomed in or out too much. >> okay. cute puppy though. 8:41. we know it is september now official.
8:42 am
but it's not too soon to start thinking about the holidays. >> today wal*mart begins its lay away program. shoppers will until december 12th to pay off their items. so which items will locately in their carts. wal*mart releasing hottest toys list on top the,, what year is this, right? the star wars electronic, um, iconic r2d2. >> that's number one. >> followed mutant ninja turtles. what year is this. >> may good play station. >> christmas list. >> barbie's rainbow, w is it -- cove princess castle play set. >> okay. >> disney' princess carriage. >> and the sky viper streaming drone. >> let's get a drone in there. these are all toys that we played with when we were children. >> don't call it a come back. >> very cool. from shopping to your health. up next the best way to beat that unand wanted belly fat. that's not even the headline. >> it's not? >> it's not just fat. it's something else is what it is. >> i thought it was headline.
8:43 am
>> okay, well, more might be good. with pizza it sure s right? the doctors say it's not the best answer, but it may help you in another way and for my fellow pizza lovers, hopefully it's good news for us.
8:44 am
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steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ >> we're just one day away, folk f our final zip trip of the summer. and this is the big one. the one where we give away brand new car. and we want to you come out and be a par o
8:46 am
>> very cool. we'll be in silver spring, mary, tomorrow. here's the deal vets veterans please sat at silver spring civic center. plenty of room for everybody to come out and say hi to tucker, maureen, erin, allison, holly, kevin. good fox5 family fun zip trip tomorrow. i should have said fox5 family fun finale zip trip tomorrow morning. >> um-hmm. >> i want to get illiteration in line. >> don't come outlooking for steve or wisdom. because they have days off. just be satisfied with the whole rest of the crew. >> we'll be taking you and celebrating from a far. >> can't even lie straight. >> it's not lie. i will think of you. (laughter). >> all right. let's get to it. we got talk about the local effects of hermine as it gets
8:47 am
it's all about, f we can flip the prompter that would be fantastic. all about the track of the storm here, guys, as we get into this saturday, sunday time frame. looks like the worst of it will be south and east of the center of hermine. beaches, it's all but a guarantee unfortunately i'm giving you the joe nay they know guarantee the beaches will not be great this weekend with cloud cover, storm surge and unfortunately a lot of rain. certainly the potential is there for high impact even at the beaches and then the big question will it linger off the coast. won't get into technical here the dynamic of the at months four suggest that it might kind of get stuck here off mid atlantic coast towards the end of the weekend. there's hermine. maximum winds now 65 miles per hour. i'll have more on it in just a moment show you the track here and some of the impacts i do want to mention locally. we've got cooler and drier air working in and along with it rain showers as that continues to kind of sag down into our area. cloud cover out there early. unlike the last what seems like month where temperatures were in the 90s we'll only be in the low to mid 80 today's. we do have the showers in the
8:48 am
forecast the next couple of hours. things should start to quiet down later this afternoon as that cooler and drier air is able to filter in the next few hours scattered shower in the forecast. here's the latest with hermine. 65 miles an hour winds moving north northeast at 12 picking up its pace and that pressure continues to fall likely a category one hurricane when it makes landfall little later tonight we'll focus on our weekend impact. again, beaches it's all but a guarantee i'm afraid that by saturday afternoon, saturday night conditions are going deteriorate there. not quite as confident here along the 95 corridor or out to the west because the track has been wobbly. latest guidance taken it further east that would be great news for us locally for all of us really as the heaviest of the impact boss stay offshore. can't guarantee that will be the final track though. we'll have to watch it but here's some of the potential it packets really for the beaches. flooding rain, high wind. beach erosion, i storm you surge all of the above here. if they get stuck right there, sunday into monday,
8:49 am
looking at a long duration event here kind of beating away at the beach. that's not great news. 84 today. looks great tomorrow morning for our zip trip to silver spring come out and join us. still question marks about saturday. generally just be cloudy. what we have periods of rain perhaps heavy rain. still again a lot of question marks. i can guarantee you this. wherever that rain cut off line is they'll be demarcations zone between very heavy rain perhaps just east of the bay and then much less sr. amounts as you get to the west. perhaps our viewers out to the west in the mountains won't see much of anything from the remnants of hermine. it will be the remnants had it gets in here saturday into sunday. all right. guys much that's the latest. tucker fox5 sweet me. >> how many more do you need. >> two possible away. >> we need two people to follow tucker at least. >> tucker fox fox5. on twitter so he can reach a milestone. >> all right. go for it. >> let's check in with wisdom and maureen always reaching fog new milestones on good day d.c. >> i like how you said that. >> good morning, steve. >> makes us sound important. >> good see you guys.
8:50 am
of that tropical storm. the question is, is it going to ruin your holiday plans? >> hope not. tucker will be giving us updates as he gets new models through our two hours of good day. >> let's talk about redskins last preseason game. grant paulson will join us live to give us insight what the team needs to do before their season opener. >> pans the list is out and we have it. what are the hottest toys this fall. one might look familiar. >> live in the loft get ready to laugh. you know him from the daily show we're talking about ron wood, jr., he's here at 9:30. >> the laughs keep oncoming 10a she is one funny momma. cocoa brown is in dc for one night only but first you can see her right here. >> plus you know what else we got? how about a little ross matthews he'll join us live from hollywood with all the celeb news we need to know about. don't miss one minute, not one minute tow -- speaking spanish. >> good day d.c. coming right up. >> t
8:51 am
we like to thank you for helping tucker reach his twitter milestone. everybody who just followed tucker keep it coming for all of us. >> what's his milestone. >> he wanted to hit 15,000. >> i just did. >> he did it and then some maureen. >> beautiful. >> i'm trying to hit 5,000. >> you're telling tall tails today. >> okay. i eight too much pizza and it affected me. >> we know that we work hard for money but did you know that people who work harder for piz pizza. yes, it's true. new study promised group of workers different rewards for a week's worth of hard work. one was praise. al thank you so much. >> you're wonderful. >> the other was money. al, here's a quarter. >> more. >> and the third was pizza. al, here's a great delicious steaming hot pizza. >> fun fact steve loves pizza. >> i do. >> no joke. jokes promised pizza not money or praise actually work the hardest. >> pizza party. if the bosses are listening pizza pear. let's look at health news now. we are getting
8:52 am
that unwanted belly fat because we know it can be dangerous. >> it sure can. in in ways we're not familiar with. with the answers fox's beth galvin joins us this morning. what are we talking about beth. steve and allison belly fat is something doesn't look good, you have to buy a bigger belt. it's kind of unattractive and we don't like seeing our belly get a little bit bigger but it's actually a bigger issue than that, because this is going to creep you out a little bit but belly fat is actually an organ in itself. it secretes hormones and some inflammatory factors that are caused side doucines and that inflammation when it's released in the body and sort of builds up over time leads to chronic diseases like heart disease and diet diabetes and even alzheimer's disease has been linked to inflammation. so belly fat is the kind of thing that yes, it doesn't look good but there's bigger picture. it's impacting your health, long term so you really want to deal with it when you start seeing it coming on. steve and allison? does what do we do about it. >> what f
8:53 am
>> we hear exercise all the time but is there more to it? >> reporter: there's couple things you can do. one is changing up your diet a little bit. i would avoid sort of inner part of your grocery store. so the packaged foods the processed foods the snack foods. the high sugar foods. the high fat meats and full fat dairy. those are all really bad for belly fat because they get transformed almost immediately into fat specifically belly fat. the foods you want to lean towards, wholefoods, fruits and vegetables, whole grains are really great thing, fiber is a really good thing. any kind of lean meat or low fat dairy will be really good for belly fat. and then the second part of the picture is exercise. belly fat loves inn activity it hates exercise. so the more that you can combine maybe a couple of times a week doing some strength training to build up some muscle and a couple times a week doing some cardio to burn calories it's going to help you out. so you want to tag team belly fat with that mixture i'm going to get my muscles st
8:54 am
i'm going to start moving more both of those thing can really help you get rid of that excess belly fat and take care of yourself long term. >> steve and allison. >> let's switchgears a little bit. next time you go to the dentist and they say you need a crown, you say what is that? can you explain what this is and the best way to go about getting it if it's not just a cavity you need to phil? >> reporter: yes. so crown a basically this tooth shaped cap that is placed over a tooth that's maybe broken or damaged or you'd have really large filling. that filling has now come out and they can't really fill the tooth again with a filling. that's when they use a cap. a cap is really kind of a long term solution. it will last you five to 15 years. so you're looking at kind of a pretty good fix for while. the downside is that it takes some time. it takes little bit more time than filling to get a cap because you've got to come in a couple of times, get the tooth prepped you know, they may be -- you want to talk to your dentist what your options are. you could go with stainless
8:55 am
steal or gold or ceramic which is the late tough thing. and then you'll have to come back in to actually give the again tift time to create that cap or that crown and then place it over your tooth. but once do you those two appointments you'll be numbed and everything of course shouldn't hurt too much. once you get that done, you're going to be good to go for about a decade hopefully. the price is -- it is pricey. so crowns depending on the kind of material you have and where you live in the country, it could range anywhere from about $600 to about $1,500. somewhere in the middle likely for most of us. the good news, some of that will be covered by your insurance. steve and allison? >> not our insurance. >> we have the dental insurance. >> i'm no stranger to it. >> beth, thank you very much. >> thanks, women. 8:55 right now. let's check in with tucker one more time this hour. >> we'd like to give a shout out to our dentist. >> i have very few area of expertise but getting crowns is one of them. >> me, too. >> oh, my god. get ready to mortgage your
8:56 am
guys. >> wow. >> reagan national 75 degrees. 69 at -- i do love our dentist. he's enthusiastic. 69 degrees. 71 at bwi marshall. hey, rain showers i'll give you the low forecast. focus on hermon in couple of minutes but all about rain showers earl here early for you. take an umbrella for the next couple of hours. most of the rain should be south and east of us by late this afternoon clear out just in time for the concert down at nats park tonight. that's great news. there's your seven day. hey tomorrow looks fantastic. saturday and sunday not as much. but still a lot of question marks. i literally put question marks no saturday and sunday we don't know exactly the future path of the remnants of hermine. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's enjoy the cooler weather while we've got it. last look at traffic with erin. >> the roads are still really really crowded and metro delays. 8:56. stalled rain at rockville delays to glenmont. and keep in mind delays in both directions on the orange, blue and silver lingering a switch problem outside smith seth yann reduced speed on the trains there. a lot of delays plan ahead if your taking metro.
8:57 am
lot of trash activity riggs road at south dakota of a crash also dealing with crash blocking the shoulder involving several cars. 50 west at 197 delays continue to the beltway the beltway is very slow. very very slow conditions 270 south as you make your way down to the spur and we're also just seeing a lot of red lingering on our map. look at the slow conditions. bw parkway crawling along north and southbound outside the beltway to and from baltimore same story 95 southbound to and from baltimore. the outer loop in college park as you make your way 95 to georgia park and 295 crawling. get an early start use caution wet roads still lingering. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. ke
8:58 am
8:59 am
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♪ great ahead hermine headed toward the gulf coast and threatening the holiday weekend many we're tracking this tropical storm. mexico will pay for the wa wall. >> donald trump fresh off his trip to mexico stands his ground when it comes to the wall and it may have work. the end of alzheimer's. a new drug test could have found the key to stopping the disease from ever developing. we'll tell you all about it. ♪ >> and later, is d.c. a sexy city? at least one best selling romance author says yes it is. but this morning we want to know what you think. a sexy good day at 9a starts now. ♪


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